GoodFellas Doggy Daycare

Swimming Pool

"Bag O' Donuts"

"The Adjudicator"

So, take off your fedora and cast aside that flapper dress, last one in has to kiss 
Ceasar the cat!

"Kiss me pooch and you'll end up in a cone!"

We bet you didn't know that 5 minutes of swimming for your dog is equal to a 20 minute walk!

Our 17' x 25' x 4', salt-water swimming pool offers a unique experience for our guests!  

Swim time, which is offered in 30 minute sessions allows dogs to be exercised and conditioned without added stress on their bones and joints.

Swim Coaches are always on duty when our guests are in the pool and we have plenty of life vests on hand in a variety of sizes.

We understand the desire to jump in and frolic with your pup, but for the safety of all, only GoodFellas' Swim Coaches are allowed in the pool with our guests.

All dogs who wish to use the pool, must participate and pass our enrollment process.

GoodFellas staff is fully trained in
Pet First Aid & CPR!

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