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Puppy Social

Puppy Social 
(AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy)

Don't underestimate the importance of socialization and habituation for your puppy from birth, but most certainly from the moment you get him/her!  When it comes to training, you get out, what you put in.  So, the way we see it... we teach you, how to teach your puppy!

Socialization involves making your dog comfortable with a variety of other dogs, people and circumstances and Habituation is a simple form of learning, in which your dog, after a period of exposure to a stimulus, stops responding.  Kind of like with the sound of thunder or vacuum cleaners.

Keep in mind, the everyday things that you do and even those things that you don't do, will certainly affect your puppy into adulthood. 

Our Puppy Social Training Program gives you access to all the tools you need to get your puppy on the right path to being a model citizen!  Maybe even an AKC Canine Good Citizen!  GoodFellas Puppy Social qualifies as an AKC  S.T.A.R. puppy program which is designed to get owners and their puppies off to a good start.

Socialization - Training - Activity - Responsibility

Have questions or specific issues you would like addressed?  Puppy Social can help!

Our trainer uses training techniques and everyday objects to provide you with the information and skills you will need to raise a confident, well balanced dog!  

Learning CAN and SHOULD be fun!

Puppy Social consists of six 1 hour classes 
Class size is limited so give us a call and reserve your spot!
Only $250.00

Puppy Social is designed to provide a foundation of obedience without overwhelming young puppy minds!
Open to puppies 6 months or younger, who are current for their age on all vaccinations.  

Puppies that take part in Puppy Social are eligible to participate in GoodFellas Doggy Daycare Rookie Enrichment Program, which is a daycare package that combines playing, learning and socializing while in the daycare environment.  


GoodFellas Doggy Daycare Rookie Enrichment Program

Puppies that take part in Puppy Social are eligible to participate in GoodFellas Doggy Daycare Rookie Enrichment Program, which is a daycare package that combines playing, learning and socializing while in the daycare environment.  
GoodFellas firmly believes that daily, positive exposure to structure, exercise, routine and training are all paramount to raising a healthy, well balanced puppy into a confident, well mannered adult that will be the envy of all! Our Rookie Enrichment Program is designed to do just that!
While in daycare, your Pup will participate in a variety of activities that our professionals will use as fun, teachable moments.  Each day will consist of private training, group and private play time, plenty of potty breaks, settle time with a stuffed kong and more!   

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