GoodFellas Doggy Daycare

Our Staff

Anna Russo Strasnick
Owner and manager of GoodFellas.  I am an on-site owner and manage the day-to-day operations of GoodFellas.
Like most people, I have had dogs my entire life and they are truly my children and my passion.  My life would not be complete without dogs in my home.  And to be able to work with them everyday -- incredibly rewarding!  Throughout my life I have participated in several different obedience disciplines including protection training, agility, scent training, tracking and therapy work!

I have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Salem State College and got my business experience from managing a 300 seat restaurant/bar in Salem for 6 years.  I also worked for 10 years as an investigator for the federal government before deciding to open GoodFellas Doggy Daycare in June 2012.  My philosophy was to build a place for my Golden Retriever, Noah, that was clean, safe, educational, nurturing and without question, fun!  If I could create a place that I was comfortable sending my dogs, then others would be comfortable sending their dogs too.  And Noah loves swimming, so I had to give him a swimming pool!

All of my dogs attend GoodFellas.   Reagan, Melo, Moses and Wyatt who are all Golden Retrievers!
I am Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.
Christine has been part of the GoodFellas Team since the construction phase in February 2012.  She spent many a weekend  at GoodFellas, climbing a scaffolding to paint the walls, manning a jack-hammer to dig a trench for the bathroom shower and out in the yard digging holes for the deck footings.  When GoodFellas opened in June 2012,  Christine traded in her construction hat for a leash.  She graduated high school in 2015 and has volunteered at Woburn Animal Hospital, cleaning kennels, feeding and walking the dogs.  Christine has 3 "Fur Babies", a Rag Doll cat named Genesis and 2 Golden Nuggets, Caleb and Negan.  
Christine is Certified in Red Cross Pet First Aid & CPR.
Leah joined the GoodFellas Team in January 2016.  Leah was a student at Essex Tech studying Animal Science with a concentration on Equine. She graduate in May of 2017 and has continued on to attend UMASS Lowell.  Prior to joining GoodFellas, Leah spent 3 years working as a bather for Poochies Dog Grooming.  Leah has done an excellent job growing her dog handling skills and has become a valued member of the GoodFellas Team!  Leah has 4 "Fur Babies", Max a German Shepherd/Pit bull Mix, Buddy a Mutt, Jackie a Beagle and Sophie a Shih Tzu/Yorkie Mix. 


Colin became part of the GoodFellas story in January 2019.  Colin, a full time student at Wakefield High School joined GoodFellas as a volunteer and spends his time doting on the small dogs.  He monitors the "Munchkins" for proper manners during play and chaperones potty breaks.  Colin has also proven himself the guru of "Snuggle Time".  The Pups are always excited to see Colin arrive and disappointed to see him leave.  Colin brings a special compassion to the GoodFellas Team.  When not in school or working at GoodFellas Colin has an 11 year old Wheaten Terrier named Celsey that gets his love and attention. 
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