GoodFellas Doggy Daycare

Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process

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Print and fill out the GoodFellas Agreement Enrollment Form and the Medication Form.

GoodFellas requires current rabies, distemper and parvovirus vaccines and an annual fecal test.  An antibody titer test for distemper and parvovirus gladly accepted!

All dogs must be over 6 months of age and be spayed or neutered. GoodFellas does not accept dogs who have been chemically neutered.   (This does not apply to training-only clients)
For the safety of all dogs, required vaccinations must be up-to-date and a Vaccination Certificate from your Vet, in our possession, before any dog will be allowed into our facility.  We also require the above forms to be submitted at the time of the Behavior Assessment.

It's that simple!

Because a dog's behavior changes as he/she ages, all dogs must participate in daycare atleast once every 4 months or a re-evaluation may be required.

Behavior Assessment


Before being allowed to attend GoodFellas daycare, swim time and group activities, all dogs will be required to take and pass our Behavior Assessment.

Your dogs first visit to GoodFellas Doggy Daycare will be to participate in the Behavior Assessment and this appointment must be scheduled.   
Evaluations take about 1 hour and are conducted on weekdays in the morning. 

The Behavior Assessment is a professional evaluation of your dogs personality and temperament and is conducted by our experienced, qualified management team.

Your dogs behavior is evaluated for obedience skills, energy level, stress cues, social skills and
their ability to play well and safely with others (both humans & dogs), in our environment.  
 Each day dogs will be tested, evaluated and added to our pack, 
but time slots fill up fast, so schedule your visit today!
(There is a small, non-refundable fee for the Behavior Assessment  Please see our Services/Prices page for details) 

Don't Forget, The Behavior Assessment must be scheduled!

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